Valorant Triggerbot Hack (Free Download) New 2022 Updated


Valorant is a FPS 5v5 character based tactical shooter game which has caught the attention of most FPS players who are into shooting games like Fortnite, PUBG, APEX Legends, and many more. FPS games in general are very hard to master as there are so many controls one has to learn and master.

And as all other shooter games, Valorant too has some complexity for those who only recently have started playing shooter games. But there are various hacks which can help a player get better, to become one of the best without having to put a lot of effort into training and endless hours of practice. The hack we talk about today is the Triggerbot hack.


A triggerbot hack allows the player to instantly shoot the enemy when it has been spotted in the player’s crosshair and kill them immediately. This hack helps a lot during the game play as it takes off one of the various controls the player has to take care of and makes them a better player.

Features of Valorant Triggerbot Hack

  • Auto trigger, where the hack helps the user to just shot the enemy as soon as it is spotted in the crosshair of the user.
  • Adding a Aimbot would make the player almost unbeaten in the game.

How to use Triggerbot Hack?

  1. Download the file.
  2. Unzip the file onto your desktop or the desired location.
  3. Run the Game first.
  4. Run the executable file after the game runs.
  5. Enjoy the hack!