Valorant Free Triggerbot Hack (Free Download) Undetected 2022

valorant triggerbot

Looking for Working Valorant Simple cheat which comes with basic Triggerbot? Want to show your toxic teammates and enemies who the real pro is? we are going to see the tutorial and working of Working hack Valorant with free Triggerbot for Valorant.

So what are you waiting for Download the Triggerbot today and become a Radiant!!

About Valorant Triggerbot

This is a new valorant hack developed by swearamnothacks, This cheat is really good, It has many cool features, We all know valorant has become one of the most played games out there and there are many paid cheats in the market.


Valorant Triggerbot Hacks Features :

  1. TriggerBot
  2. Aim Assist
  3. BunnyHop
  4. Custom FOV
  5. Many More


Bunny Hop: BunnyHop allows you to hop/jump in a continuous line and jiggle at the same time helping you to travel fast and dodge bullets

Auto Pistol: (removed) e when in a fight all of the bullets from your rifle are empty then the cheat will auto switch to the pistol for you to shoot at the enemy so you secure the kill.


Triggerbot: Triggerbot shoots the enemy as soon as the enemy comes in your crosshair securing a headshot kill at any distance

How to use Valorant Free triggerbot Cheat :

  1. Download and Extract the file
  2. Run Valorant
  3. Open the game set the outline of the enemy to purple.
  4. Run the cheat as an Administrator
  5. Set game to window borderless
  6. Enjoy!!


Use your “Alt” or “Shift” key to activate


Download Valorant Triggerbot from here:

[download id=”10033″]