Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure Script – Auto Farm & More 2022

your bizarre adventure script

In this free Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure hack, the players get the ability to auto-farm items, like gold, diamond, auto sell, auto arcade, teleport and much more!

Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure is a game where players have to obtain strong spiritual abilities which helps in leveling up the player to fight in gangs, PvP battles and more things through leveling up.


Here at WeCheater, we have many hacks and cheats for various games which have been tested and are safe, which help the players become the best at the game they’re playing.

Features of Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure Hack

  • Item farm
  • Quest farm
  • NPC farm
  • Display health bars
  • Auto sell
  • Anti AFK
  • Auto arcade
  • Teleport
  • Attach stand
  • And much more!

Item farm – In this feature the player can auto farm any item in the game without having to do any effort.


Anti AFK – In this feature, the player randomly moves so that they don’t get logged out of the server for inactivity.

Teleport – This feature allows the player to teleport from one place to another in the map.


How to use Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure Cheat?

Roblox games need a particular type of software in order to run the Lua scripts which are called executors which help in hacking the game. Here at WeCheater, we provide our users with free as well as paid executors right here on our website.

  1. Download the Lua Hack
  2. Run Roblox and open the game Your Bizarre Adventure
  3. Minimize the game and open the executor
  4. Copy and paste the script
  5. Enjoy the hack!

Download Your Bizarre Adventure Script Hack 2022