Word Bomb Script: Auto Type Hack & More (Download) 2022

roblox word bomb

If you are more into playing word games or old-school games. The article is definitely for you. Today we are gonna explore a script of such a game in Roblox “Word Bomb Script”.

Word Bomb is a pretty fun game to play with your friends and family. Players guess and type in wor as per the instructions written on the screen before bomb detonates. The bomb speeds up and instructions gets more and more difficult with every passing second.


You have two lives, lose all of them and you are out. A classic setup for a classic game. The last man standing wins. My colleague at WeCheater team class it “Battle Royale of Words”. Please, someone tell him it’s not funny.

Features of Word Bomb Script

  1. Automatic Word Typeout

Wordbomb is a GUI hack which is undected and type words out for you while your friend struggles to do that. Making you the winner without even lifting a finger or I must say without touching the keyboard.


How to use the Word Bomb Script Hack?

Using Word Bomb Script hack is very simple, as it is a LUA type hack you need a injector to use it and WeCheater team always backs you up with free and amazing injectors which meet the highest quality of standards and privacy protection.

  1. Download the hack
  2. Launch Roblox and Fire up the Word Bomb game
  3. Minimize the game quick
  4. Run the injector of your choice
  5. Copy and paste the hack code into the injector
  6. Start Injecting and now see the action before your eyes