Viking Simulator Hack/Script (Infinite Coins, Auto Farm) 2022

viking simulator hack 1

Viking Simulator is a roblox game that is suitable for competitive play, with dances, fights, cash, and much more. You may either be devastated and take years to get to the top, or you can dominate and prove to everyone in the village that you are the viking simulator champion. Use the scripts now to become a master of the Viking simulator and own the greatest blade.

Do read the whole post to understand how to use the scripts and how to easily become a master at the viking simulator! These scripts have been tested and used by many moderators.

About Viking simulator

Viking Simulator is a roblox game that allows you to play as a great viking and become the greatest by using swords, shields, dogs, and other items. It’s difficult to find and create scripts for such games, therefore we’ve found one of the greatest roblox scripts to assist you better your gaming.


Features of Roblox Viking Simulator script:

  1. Helps you auto farm
  2. Misc options
  3. Auto buy
  4. Credits

Auto farm feature:

A feature that auto farms you to riches, A feature that helps you become a god like player in viking simulator! you don’t have to do any work and you will be a god in viking simulator.

How to install the Roblox Scripts:

  1. Make sure you have an Injector installed.
  2. Download/Copy the file below
  3. Open your roblox game and launch into viking simulator
  4. Inject the file
  5. select

Download the Viking Simulator Hack script here:

[download id=”10593″]