Vehicle Simulator Scripts – Auto Farm, Speed, Teleport 2022

vehicle simulator script

Vehicle Simulator Script has been added to Wecheater, and we are glad to have this script here which has been working really great without any sort of crash or other issues. So if you are looking for Working Free Vehicle Simulator script, go on.

The Vehicle Simulator Script works fluent, and comes with lots of great features. Some of them are Auto Farm, Rainbow Lights, Car Speed Booster, Auto Teleport and many more which are listed below under the features section.


So Checkout the Script, which has been added by CasperFlyModz, who is an active developer for creating various other roblox games scripts, and Vehicle Simulator is one of them.

About Vehicle Simulator Roblox Script

Vehicle Simulator is a unique driving simulation game available on the renowned online platform ROBLOX. You have a wide range of activities to choose from, including races, auto exhibitions, flying planes, and even yacht cruises!


There are a variety of vehicles, boats, and planes to pick from, as well as numerous modification options such as camber, colour, nitrous etc. Use the script to get the advantage in the game by downloading the script from our website.

All Working Features

  • Car Speed Booster
  • Rainbow Lights
  • Auto Drive Forward
  • Collect All Crates
  • Rainbow Speedomeeter
  • Auto Collect All Crates
  • Rainbow Drive On Water
  • Auto Teleport To Ocean
  • Drive On Water
  • License Plate Speedomeeter
  • Rainbow Rims
  • Rainbow Car
  • Pickup All Achievement Objects
  • Teleport Car To Race Checkpoint
  • Force Race Invite To Server
  • Others

Instructions to use the Script

Follow the below steps to use the script freely, without facing any type of issue here. Make sure you have an executor installed on your PC, if not check our Roblox Executor recommendation here, and download any one.

  1. Use any Undetected Executor
  2. Start the game
  3. Run the Executor and Inject
  4. Copy and Paste the Script there
  5. Click Execute Script!

Download Vehicle Simulator Script