Vehicle Legends Script (Speed Boost, Rainbow Car) & More

vehicle legends script

If you’re searching for any free Vehicle Legends script hacks, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve included one of the best free scripts for Vehicle Legends, which works flawlessly and has been personally tested.

The Script works very fine, and comes with Speed Boost, Speed Boost Multiplier, Rainbow Car feature that can easily help you in the game to grow and level up by getting its advantages. So Make sure to download the script and enjoy!


About Vehicle Legends Roblox Script

Vehicle Legends is a racing and driving game similar to Vehicle Simulator. It’s a one-of-a-kind driving simulation game that can be found on the well-known online platform ROBLOX. You can participate in a variety of activities, such as races, auto exhibits, flying planes, and even yacht cruises.

Painting, applying wraps/skins, tweaking the engine, installing bodykits, and adding underglow are all options available to players.


All Working Features

  • Speed Boost Car
  • Rainbow Car
  • Select Speed Boost Amount
Free Vehicle Legends Script 2022 v2.png

How to Use Scripts in Vehicle Legends?

  1. Get any Roblox Executor that works.
  2. Start Roblox and join the game.
  3. Go to the Attach/Inject Copy box and click it after you’ve run the executor.
  4. The script should be copied and pasted there.
  5. To begin the hacking process, click Execute.
  6. Have a good time with the script!

Download Vehicle Legends Script Free