Treat Simulator Script: Auto Sell & More

roblox treat simulator

Pets are adorable, aren’t they? Everyone has their own tastes. Some like small pets, others like the more fluffy ones. But not all of us can actually maintain pets at times. If you are in a similar situation like this. Don’t worry and keep reading, because today we are going to talk about “Treat Simulator Script”.

Treat simulator is one of the thousands of user-generated games on Roblox. But I really like the concept of the game. In this game, you have to collect treats from your adventures and sell them for coins. Hatching pets you like and upgrading them. It’s a game centered around pet-lovers like me who are very lazy to maintain a pet.


Collecting treats and selling them is also very time-consuming and it takes a considerable amount of time to farm those and hatch pets of your choice. But don’t worry we got ya covered today.

Features of Treat Simulator Script

  1. Auto Sell
  2. Instant Treat
  3. Auto Rebirth

With the auto-sell feature, you don’t have to worry about selling your precious treats. And with instant treats, you can get a lot of treats accumulated in a very short period of time. Rebirth gives you very coll exciting rewards and this process can also be automated with this script.


How to use the Roblox Treat Simulator Script?

It’s really easy to use the script, WeCheater team always takes care that we make the most simplified instructions, and also we have a strict privacy and safety policy so that our users won’t be at risk from hacks or resources downloaded.

  1. Download the executor of your choice from the list of free executors available or choose one according to your preferred taste
  2. Download the hack
  3. Launch the game
  4. Minimize the game
  5. Copy the hack and paste it into the executor program
  6. Start injecting and voila