Titan Warfare Script – Kill Aura, Silent Aim, XP Boost 2022

titan warfare script

Titan Warfare Script has been added to Wecheater, we are glad to post this script here. The Script has been developed and created by Rtxyy#8330, a developer on Robloxscripts, who has made this medium level script for Titan Warfare.

The Script is very unique and simple, and comes with lots of cool features, inluding Bypasses and extra features in Misc. Use this Titan Warfare script hack to grow and have fun!


About Titan Warfare Roblox

Titan Warfare is a Roblox game based on the popular anime Attack on Titans, published by the wonderful ninja guys. You will play as a human with the purpose of slaying the titans, or foes, in order to save humanity.

The Titan Warfare scripts will be covered in this post. Keep this page bookmarked and look through our Roblox Scripts Category for more hacks and scripts.


Script Showcase and Features


The Script comes with lots of cool features, that you can already see in the image, all the features are working great. Some of the main feature which is XP Farm in Titan Warfare script which is really helpful as compared to others.

Auto Farm: Auto Farming is a feature by which you can generate lots of Points in game, in any form, depends upon on the game. Which helps you to gain levels fast and grow quicker in the game.


Kill Aura: Killaura is a Minecraft cheat that hits the target in the region set by the cheater automatically. Players who enter your “Kill aura” will be hit by you even if your mouse is not fixed on their hitbox if you have killaura activated.

All Features of Titan Warfare Hack Script

  • Kill Aura
  • Silent Aim
  • Auto Buy Medkit
  • Auto Buy Fort Heal
  • Anti Cheat Bypass
  • Features For Pvp & Pve
  • Many More

How to use Titan Warfare GUI Script

  1. Download Titan Warfare Script first
  2. Also Download any Roblox Executor
  3. Run the Executor and Inject
  4. Paste the script after downloading
  5. Click Execute script. Enjoy!

Download Titan Warfare Script