The Rake REMASTERED Script – Fullbright, Rake Esp 2022

the rake remastered hack

In this free Roblox The Rake Remastered Hack, the players get abilities like, fullbright where the night screen gets brighter helping the players see better and also Rake ESP which helps in knowing the location of the rake.

The Rake Remastered is a Roblox game where The rake, who is a hunter monster, is hunting and the players have to run and survive the night in order to win the game. It is a horror game so if you’re a fan of horror you must try this game.


At WeCheater, we give the best Roblox hacks and cheats such as this game which requires the player to play for hours together to get good at it or become rich in it to actually enjoy the game, but with our hacks, one can enjoy it within seconds.

Features of Roblox The Rake REMASTERED Hack

  • Fullbright
  • Rake ESP

Fullbright – In this feature, the screen on the player gets brighter such that it helps players see better at night in the game.


Rake ESP – In this feature, the players will always know the location of the Rake which helps them run away from it and survive the night.

How to use Roblox The Rake REMASTERED Cheat?

Roblox games require a particular type of software for it to be hacked, which are called executors, which help in running the scripts which hack the game. We here provide our readers with free executors as well as paid ones.

  1. Download the Lua Script
  2. Run Roblox and open the game The Rake REMASTERED
  3. Minimize the game and open the executor
  4. Copy and paste the script
  5. Run the executor
  6. Enjoy the hack!