The Mimic Script – Jumpscare People, Loud Sound, More 2022

the mimic script roblox

If you are looking for The Mimic Script hack which works and you can use it for trolling others by using the jumpscares and loudsounds, then you are at the right place. Here we have two scripts for you which are working fine without any errors.

If you are complete beginner and don’t know how to hack The Mimic or using scripts in the game, then make sure to check out every step which are explained below and download a working executor for making the script to work.


About Roblox The Mimic Game

The Mimic is a Roblox survival horror game created by MUCDICH. It consists of four books: Rebirth, Jealousy, Rage, and Control. Every story has its own protagonist and antagonist.

In the first book, you return to your old high school in search of your lost buddies. The twist is that there is a presence in the school. Hiachi is the name she goes by.


Sama, the Beast of Control, is one of the four World Devourers. She has complete authority over those who have been cursed by her, treating them as puppets on a string. You, on the other hand, are unique in that you have overcome the curse. You soon find yourself in her warped universe, where you must solve the riddle.

All Features of Script

  • Jumpscares (set random jumpscare sounds)
  • Loud Sounds
  • Others

How to Use Da Mimic Script Hack?

Make sure to download any working executor from here. Or if you have synapse it will work fine with that. I will recommend to download KRNL or other free executor that will work without throwing any errors.

  1. Start the game first
  2. Run the Executor
  3. Inject the client
  4. Download & Copy the script
  5. Paste the script now
  6. Execute. Enjoy!

Download Roblox The Mimic Script 2022