Survival Of The Fittest Script – (Kick/Kill Players) & More

roblox survival of the fittest

Hello, there guys, one morning you wake up and the whole world is destroyed leaving only a few survivors. Just think about what will you do. This may seem like a movie set but conditions today make you think about what will you do if it really happens as such. Now, what better way to teach yourself than playing a Roblox game?

Yeah, I am not kidding we will teach ourselves the way to survive by playing Roblox. Roblox has tons of experiences to choose from and one of them is the survival of the fittest. Now the game name alone can make you realize the game’s premise. You have to be the fittest person to be alive among the pack.


Scavenging for resources, Killing animals will become your day-to-day life task. But yeah this is very tiring, isn’t it? Don’t worry as always we have got you covered. We don’t know about the real-life counterpart if we will be alive we cheater team will always be with you and in the game as always, we are with you.

Features of Survival of the Fittest


With this the game is in your control, you are basically the admin controlling every placement like a chess game, but with real players. As they say, the fittest survive, you can just kill all others and prove yourself to be the fittest to survive.


How to use Survival of the Fittest hack?

It’s really easy to use the script, WeCheater team always takes care that we make the most simplified instructions, and also we have a strict privacy and safety policy so that our users won’t be at risk from hacks or resources downloaded.

  1. Download the executor of your choice from the list of free executors available or choose one according to your preferred taste
  2. Download the hack
  3. Launch the game
  4. Minimize the game
  5. Copy the hack and paste it into the executor program
  6. Start injecting and voila

Download Survival of the Fittest Script 2022