Spellbound Magic RPG INFINITE COINS – Complete All Quests

spellbound magic hack

In this free Roblox Spellbound Magic hack, players get features like unlimited coins where players can buy anything they want in the game and also autocomplete all quests. 

Roblox’s Spellbound Magic RPG is a game where players are in a simulation and get to be wizards and fight evil with other wizards and try and become as strong as possible.


Here at WeCheater, we bring various hacks for games including this one on Roblox which helps players enjoy the game to its full potential within a matter of a few minutes and not the hours and days of effort required to get better at the game.

Features of Roblox Spellbound Magic RPG Hack

  • Unlimited coins
  • Auto complete all quests

Unlimited coins – In this feature players get the ability to spend money as much as they want to.


Auto complete all quests – All the quests get completed automatically without having to do any work and get the rewards for it.

How to use Roblox Spellbound Magic RPG Cheat?

Roblox games need a special type of software in order to run the hacks, called Executors. These soft wares help to run the script and activate the hacks in the game. We here provide our readers with free executors as well as paid ones right here on our website.

  1. Download the Lua Script
  2. Run the game Roblox and open Spellbound Magic RPG
  3. Minimize the game and open the executor
  4. Copy and paste the script into the executor
  5. Run the executor
  6. Enjoy the hack!