Roblox Slap Battles Script GUI Hack – Kill Aura & More 2022

roblox slap battles

Ahh, the nostalgia of receiving slaps from my mother. Oh Sorry, guys! I didn’t realize I was writing an article. I was engrossed in my old thoughts, old memory lane where I used to receive slaps after almost trying to burn my house. I know my mother shouldn’t have done that. After all, it was a very small mistake.

Now, if you are into slapping other people for fun or just as anger therapy, we got you today “Slap Battles”. You gotta slap people into oblivion in this game. Also, the main currency in this game is slaps which you earn by, you guessed it right, slapping others. You can use the slaps to purchase gloves that have different abilities.


Now, I am that one guy, who gets slapped by everyone but can slap no one. I also tried striking a deal with a guy that he slaps me twice, I slap him once at least. But he duped me and slapped me three times. But after I got this sneaky little script injected I was the slap king of my session. So, what’s this script like let’s find out.

Features of Slap Battles Script

  1. Kill Aura
  2. Anti-Ragdoll
  3. Anti TimeStop

The first feature is the game changer feature, which helped me transform from a slap peasant to a slap king. Now, I can slap anybody in the game at least. Also, the ragdoll physics makes it quite hard to slap people. But with the script, it becomes so much easy to control the character because of the Anti Ragdoll feature.


How to use the Slap Battles Script?

As this is an LUA-based hack, you need an executor program for it. We have got you covered with a list of free executor programs both for mobile and PC on our site, you can check it out.

  1. Download the hack and copy the script
  2. Launch the game Slap Battles
  3. Minimize the game
  4. Launch the executor and paste the code
  5. Start Injecting and Voila!

Download Slap Battles Script Hack 2022