Saber Simulator Script – Auto Farm Hack GUI (Working) 2022

Saber Simulator Script

If you are looking for the best, Saber Simulator Hack Script that still works, then you are at the right website. Here we provide many roblox game scripts which are all working and Undetected to use. Here we have added Saber Simulator script for you, that you can use freely without worrying about anything. 

Saber Simulator Script is a completely undetectable hack that you may use for free. This gui offers auto-farming features that will help you progress quickly in the game.


The script has lot of features such as Auto Farm, Auto Sell, and many others that you can utilise with this free script. So, read this guide to learn how to get this script for free and avoid fake scripts on the internet.

About the Saber Simulator Roblox Game

Saber Simulator Script is a roblox game in which players swing their sabre to build strength. This ability is used to boost a player’s health and damage when fighting other players. The player will receive cash for selling strength in the sell area, which they can spend to enhance their character and eventually rise up the leaderboards.


All Features

  • All Eggs Dropdown
  • Auto Swing
  • Buy All Dna
  • Crown Farm
  • Fire/water/earth Mobs Auto Farm
  • Auto Hatch Eggs
  • Buy All Boss Hits/classes/auras/pets Auras
  • Buy All Jump Boosts
  • Auto Sell
  • Fire/water/earth/plasma Bosses Auto Farm
  • Normal Boss Farm
  • Islands Teleport
  • Buy All Swords
  • Fire/water/earth/plasma Advanced Bosses Auto Farm

How to Use Saber Simulator Hack Script?

Inorder to use the script in saber simulator, you will need a working as well as Undetected Executor. The Executor will help the script to execute in the game, by connecting to the Roblox game client in an easy way.

After you Download the Executor and installed it, you will need the script, which you can download from our post here. Follow the instructions after downloading executor below –


Instructions to Use –

  1. Open Roblox, Join the Game
  2. Download the Hack Script
  3. Run The Executor Tool
  4. Click Inject and wait few seconds
  5. Paste the Script inside there
  6. Click Execute at the End.
  7. Enjoy Free Script!

Download Saber Simulator Hack Script 2022