Roblox PLS DONATE Script Hack (2022)

roblox pls donate

The fun of playing Roblox is having a ton of Robux to spend on anything you may wish. But if you’re wondering how to get Robux without actually spending real money then we have got just the right script for ya today. The “Roblox Pls Donate Script”.

Let’s look at the gameplay of Pls Donate, you can just claim any stand you like there and exhibit items on sale. Anything like emotes, clothing, and accessories can be put up on sale.


The hack has been carefully checked for safety and privacy reasons and it has a very special feature for you in-store that is finding the richest donor on the server. Doesn’t that sound interesting let’s hop into it.

Features of Roblox Pls Donate Script

  1. Rainbow booth
  2. Rich Donor finder
  3. Auto changing booth text

You can’t really wish people donate Robux to you if they don’t have it themselves. That’s why the script simplifies it for you and finds you the big bucks guy. With features like Rainbow booth and auto changing booth text, it will help your booth stand out and gain you some attraction from the big bucks guy.


How to use the Roblox Pls Donate Script

LUA-type hacks are very easy to use provided you have a piece of software called injector, WeCheater has got you covered with this thing as well. We provide a list of the best free injectors on our site resources which has been thoroughly checked for privacy and safety reasons.

  1. Get the hack below
  2. Fire up Roblox and get into the Pls Donate session
  3. Minimize the game and copy the hack code
  4. Fire up the Executor, and paste your hack
  5. Start Injecting and voila