Roblox Magic Clicker Script – Auto Click, Rebirth & More

roblox magic clicker

Hello there Guys, I am back with another yet clicker game. Okay, okay no tomatoes please, no socks either. I am just kidding, we all like clicker games, we can deny the fact, but trust me to see your empire rising or building something with just your clicks is just so satisfying. And as always, Roblox devs can’t be just kept away. So, yeah they made this fantastic new game “Roblox Magic Clicker”.

In this game, you can earn points by literally clicking anywhere as mentioned on their Roblox page. It’s funny cause I asked my dumb brother to click it for hours with a bribe of a toffee. But the mouse was unplugged when I returned, and he was still clicking. The good thing is that I didn’t buy any coffee either. With the points earned, you can invest them in new pets. Oh yeah, two great things pets and clicker.


But as it is with clicker games, you start out small and you feel pretty good. But after a time the number of clicks just gets so enormous that the fun part just gets boring after a while. All the fun fades away. But our mind wants to see all of it and wants to reach the winning level. Don’t worry we can help you with that.

Features of Roblox Magic Clicker script

  1. Auto Click
  2. Rebirths
  3. Teleport

The first feature is enough for me to jump on and hop on. Cause it’s the whole point the more the number of clicks the more you can quickly reach your goal. But with other automation, it can make your game run smoothly on total automation. Our readers know about our coffee rating. So yeah sip on your coffee, although sometimes you have to pay some attention. Other than that you are good.


How to use the Roblox Magic Clicker script?

As this is an LUA-based hack, you need an executor program for it. We have got you covered with a list of free executor programs both for mobile and PC on our site, you can check it out.

  1. Download the hack and copy the script
  2. Launch an instance of the game
  3. Minimize the game
  4. Launch the executor and paste the code
  5. Start Injecting and Voila!