Roblox Critical Legends Script: Collect All Chests & More

roblox critical legends

I see you’re an adventurer of some sort. We have got just the right thing for you “Roblox Critical Legends script”. Roblox critical legends is one of the few games that feels just right and tick all the boxes out of the thousands of Roblox games out there.

The developer of Roblox Critical legends defines it as an adventure for the ages. Exploring forbidden and dangerous lands, finding hidden and ancient treasures. Dodging traps. Challenging powerful bosses and all in all becoming the greatest legend


But it is very nerve-racking and time taking. Isn’t it? Fear not we get out, with the hack we have in store for you. You can do as you please collecting all the chests, teleporting, activating god mode, and whatnot.

Features of Critical Legends Script

  1. Collecting all the chests
  2. God Mode
  3. Kill Aura
  4. Teleportation
  5. Jump Power

Hidden treasures and rare loot are very hard to come by if you take the conventional route but with our hack route, you needn’t worry about it even for a second just be calm and let the hack work for you.


How to use the Critical Legend Hack?

LUA type hacks are very easy to use provided you have a piece of software called injector, WeCheater has got you covered with this thing as well. We provide a list of best free injectors on our site resources which has been thoroughly checked for privacy and safety reasons.

  1. Download the hack
  2. Run the game and fire up the Critical legends game
  3. Minimise it and start the injector program
  4. Copy and paste the hack code into the injector
  5. Start Injecting
  6. Voila!