Roblox Beekeepers Script – Auto Farm, Auto Quest (2022)

Free Roblox Script Beekeepers Auto Tokens Teleports Auto Dig And More

The free Roblox Beekeepers Hack provides the player with various features like Auto-farming, Auto-quest, Teleporting, and many more cool hacks. This hack allows the player to even unlock many fields and like mentions teleport to them with any hassle, it allows players to farm without even lifting a finger.

Roblox’s Beekeeper is a simulation game where you live the life of a beekeeper, which involves taking care of a hive, interacting and exploring the world which includes caterpillars and butterflies, and various fields to explore to become the best beekeeper.


Here at WeCheater, we give you, the readers, the access to free hacks which help the player to play the game to its highest potential and enjoy the game to its limit as by not putting hours or days or efforts, with our hacks and scripts, users can reach the top with minimal efforts.

Features of Roblox Beekeepers Hack

  • Auto-farm
  • Auto-quest
  • Teleport
  • Auto-dig
  • And much more!

Auto-farm – This hack allows the players to farm without any effort as the hack does it for the player.


Auto-quest – The hack helps complete quests automatically which helps the player level up easily.

Teleport – The hack helps the player to teleport to various farms they own, to the various NPC’s and also to shops.


How to use Roblox Beekeepers Lua Script?

To run Roblox scripts, one needs to use something called as executors, which assist in applying the Lua hacks into the game. We provide our kind readers the access to free executors and even paid executors which have been safely tested.

  1. Download the Lua script to the game
  2. Run Roblox and open the game Beekeepers Simulator
  3. Minimize the game and run the executor
  4. Copy and paste the script into the executor
  5. Press execute in the executor
  6. Enjoy the Game!