Roblox Auto Reporter Script – Report Abuse, Warn or Ban 2022

roblox auto report script

If you are looking for Roblox Auto Report or Auto Ban Script, then you can easily download it from here and use it to warn other players, if they are being toxic to you, and saying nuinsense.

I recommend you to only use this when needed, do not use this for revenge. Check the script features below and use safe mode if you want to send less reports, and follow the instructions to use below if you are new to scripts.


All Features of Script

    Promote the script’s published discord server (.gg/outliershub).
    If you enable safe mode, it will send 1-2 reports; if you don’t, it will send 10+ reports
    Optional, sends a message to the webhook when a player was reported, if kept at “”, will send notifications instead

Developer’s Note:

This script's purpose is to automatically report people who say things like 'good hacks,' 'you're hacking,' 'you're dumb,' and other gibberish.
It's incredibly effective because it got a lot of people banned/warned, even if it was only for a few days.

How to Use Script in Roblox?

  1. Download any Roblox Executor
  2. Join the game you want
  3. Run and Inject the Executor
  4. Paste the script code and Execute!
  5. Wait for few seconds and done!

Download Roblox Auto Reporter Script 2022