project delta hack

In this free Roblox Project Delta hack, players get the ability of silent aim, which means that players can aim silently and shoot at their enemies without giving away their location to other enemies.

Project Delta is a simulation game where players have to survive in a post apocalyptic world and thrive, players can either work with their factions or betray them in order to gain an advantage.


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Features of Roblox project Delta Hack

Silent Aim – In this feature, the player gets the ability to shoot the enemy silently without giving away their location.


How to use Roblox Project Delta

Roblox games need a particular type of software in order for the hacks to run, they are called executors, which allow the Lua scripts to run and make it a functional hack. We provide our readers with free executors as well as paid ones right here on our website.

  1. Download the Lua script
  2. Run Roblox and open the game project delta
  3. Minimize the game and run the executor
  4. Copy and paste the script
  5. Run the executor
  6. Enjoy the hack!