Mighty Omega Script – Auto Farm, Train & More | Download 2022


Mighty Omega is a paid access open-world anime game in Roblox. It has a large map, many shops, and training sites. Once you are ready after training, take down players in the Arena.

Each player has their own fighting style and techniques they found which can range anywhere from Karate to rarer techniques like Taekwondo. Now what if you want to become the master but without grinding so much


Mighty Omega script has covered you with features like the auto farm, auto train, anti-AFK, and fly all the players.

Our team at We Cheater has checked the script to ensure it is safe and trusted. We cheater provides you with the best and safest scripts that meet the highest quality of safety standards to ensure that our users don’t have to worry about anything.

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Mighty Omega Script Feature List

  • Auto Farm
  • Auto Train
  • Anti-AFK
  • Fly all Players

How to use the Mighty Omega Script?

We have a list of free, easy-to-install, and easy-to-use executors to download from personally verified by our team.


But if you want the best possible experience we recommend using the Synapse-X. It is a small price to pay and will be beneficial in the long run with tons of features.

  1. Launch the Mighty Omega Roblox Game
  2. Download and copy the script from the link below
  3. Launch the Executor Now
  4. Paste the copied script code, and press inject now
  5. Click Execute and voila! it works