Hunter x Athena Script – Auto Pushups, Auto Climb & More

roblox hunter x athena

Everyone has a dream, which heavily draws inspiration from movies, that is saving their loved ones by fighting bad goons. One against many goons. But we all can agree on the fact that we all are not the best MMA fighters. But we have games for that to fulfill or that wish. So, if you like melee attacks and hand-to-hand combat, you are gonna love today’s article “HunterXAthena Script”.

Hunter x Athena is a combat-based Roblox game that is based on the hit anime series Hunter x Hunter. You must level up your character to prove yourself as a master of hand-to-hand moves and all in all, defend your position if you get there. Kinda like defending the pokemon master title for our pokemon fans out there.


Now being such a competitive world any advantage that you can get while playing here is a boon. As upgrading stats are the most important thing of all in this game our script does just that and helps you upgrade your stats blazingly fast as I like to call it.

Features of Hunter-X-Athena Script

  1. Auto Pushups
  2. Timed Pushups
  3. Auto Stamina
  4. Auto Eat
  5. Auto Climb
  6. Speed Stat Bonus

You can automate each and every task in the game or put a timed counter on it to take an x seconds break before repeating the action again. Also, you get a free bonus speed stat.


How to use the Hunter-X-Athena Script?

Like most Roblox hacks out there, this is an LUA-based hack. Thus you need an executor program of your choice to run this. We got a free list of executor programs for you to download if you like.

WeCheater team has verified the hack to be completely safe and thus, possesses no risk to the data safety and privacy of our readers.

  1. Download the hack and Copy the code
  2. Run the executor program
  3. Launch the game
  4. Minimize the game and paste the hack into the executor
  5. Start injecting and voila!