How to use Roblox PC Scripts on Android or iOS

roblox executor mobile

Roblox mobile users always have a question in mind “How to use Roblox PC Scripts?”. We have specifically made a step-by-step guide catering to all the mobile users out there playing Roblox.

We feel everyone in the Roblox community should have freedom. And often due to less volume of players on the Roblox Android platform developers tend t turn a blind eye towards them.


WeCheater Team would never do that to any of our users. We feel every user should be included in a community. So our team sought to find out how you can specifically run scripts on Android by navigating the deep jungles of the Internet.

We had to go past the second page of Google search results. Can you believe that? It was very frightening, to say the least, but our team made it. Jokes aside all you want is a great executor for the game to run scripts and this is what we sought to do today.


How to run PC Scripts on Mobile platforms?

We have compiled a list of executors on our website before and that is what you need a dependable executor specifically made for your platform of choice, either android or iOS depending upon the one you use

Our experience says that the best android executor available right now is the Arceus-X which provides a load of features including running multiple scripts at a time and it is completely free.


Unfortunately for our iOS users, there is not a good and safe option available ut there but fear not if you are willing to shell out a few bucks you could most definitely get your hands on ScriptWare which was specifically designed keeping iOS users on mind.