FREE Sea Cleaning Simulator Script 2022 – Auto Collect & Sell and More! 

roblox sea cleaning simulator

If you really love sim games, the Roblox sea simulator is just the game for you. But what if you want to achieve greatness in it we have just the right script for you “Free Sea Cleaning Simulator Script – Roblox”. It comes with a ton of features to mess around with.

Roblox Sea cleaning Sim is a game where you collect unique boas and clear out sea trash within a time limit. Earn coins to upgrade your boat and do the same for different cleaning zones. You have also got nice pet multipliers and they are adorable, to say the least.


With our script, you can modify your boat speed without actually worrying about slowing down, spawn unlimited boats, auto-sell trash, auto-collect trash, and farm easy peasy money.

Features of Free Sea Cleaning Simulator Script

  1. Modify boat speed
  2. No slowing down
  3. Spawn Unlimited boats
  4. Auto-collect trash
  5. Auto-sell trash

Your boat speed is very important in this game if you want to beat out the time, and you eventually get to have a better boat with upgrades but that feels like ages. Also, your boat slows down while collecting trash. Now you needn’t think about that.


You don’t have to think about collecting trash and/or thinking of how to sell it with the auto collect trash and auto sell trash feature.

How to use the Free Sea Cleaning Simulator Script?

You need an injector to run the .dll type. But, guys WeCheater team has got you covered with this one and we have a list of free injectors to choose from on our site. Also, all the cheats and injectors and/or resources that we provide on your website.


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