Roblox Chicago Remastered Script GUI Hack (Download) 2022

Roblox Chicago Remastered Script min

In the free Roblox Chicago Remastered Hack, the users have the freedom to do almost anything, from getting any vehicle they want to transporting, to buying anything they want. This hack has it all, it can even help one walk through walls and see through walls. You basically become a God in this game with this hack.

Roblox Chicago Remastered is a type of game where the player is in a simulation world where they get to own guns, do odd jobs and even rob banks!


Roblox is a gaming platform which provides the players with an endless collection of games from almost all categories to play from. Roblox also provides a gaming design platform where it allows the users to create their own games which then can be played by the other Roblox players. Roblox has a huge collection of simulation games which helps the players play games in situations which in real life would not be possible. And these simulation games have various collectible and unlockable items which players get to show off.

Feature of Roblox Chicago Remastered Script 2022

  • NoClip
  • Ability to sit
  • Transport to a player
  • Transport to any building
  • Transport to any dealer
  • Auto rob store
  • Buy any rob tool
  • Buy any gun
  • Buy any food
  • Aim-lock
  • No recoil
  • ESP
  • And much more!

No Clip – Where the player gets the ability to walk through walls and objects without colliding.


ESP – Extra Sensory Perception means that players can see stats which otherwise is not available, like other players health, see through walls, and much more!

Aim-lock – Where the cheat helps the user to auto lock on the enemy to shoot without having to aim on their own.


How to use Roblox Chicago Remastered Script?

The majority of Roblox hacks are .dll type hacks. Hence, you need to have a special program called injector to make them work. We have a list of free injectors on our site for our lovely readers to choose from, with each injector checked for utmost safety and privacy.

But if you would like a premium injector and don’t mind paying a few bucks. We recommend the Synapse-X injector.

  1. Download the hack.
  2. Open Roblox, and then open Chicago Remastered
  3. Minimize the game and run the injector mentioned above
  4. Copy the script and paste it into the injector
  5. Start the injecting process
  6. Enjoy the hack!