Fluxus – Roblox Free Script Exploit (Roblox Executor) 2022

fluxus roblox free

Do you want a free Roblox Script exploit? Want to add as many scripts as you want to your Roblox game? Want an excellent injector that will not only help you become a god like player in all the roblox games you inject, but will also help you have a better gaming experience? The injector is compatible with all Roblox games and will assist you in obtaining vengeance.

Roblox is a large game with numerous scripts that you may utilise to become a better player, and the Injector is here to spare you the hassle of manually injecting the script. When it comes to injectors, there are a lot of premium ones that function but don’t have all of the capabilities

However, here at WeCheater, we have a Free Roblox free script Exploit/Executor that will make your job easier and assist you with roblox hacking.



The cheat was made for educational reasons, and the owner or developer of the website will not be held accountable for how it was used. You should use the cheat with prudence and at your own risk.


About Fluxus Exploit Script Tool:

Fluxus is a Level 8 RVM ExFluxus is a Level 8 RVM Executor that allows you to inject any script you want into your Roblox game and help you simply execute a script and hack any Roblox game you’re in while having fun playing the game and dunking on your foes. Download Fluxus today and start injecting your into your favorite games.

Requirements for Fluxus Executor

  • Windows 7 (Atleast)
  • Windows 11 (Works best)

Features of Fluxus:

  • Easy to use
  • Can Install custom scripts
  • Injection
  • Pre Injector
  • Auto Injector
  • Supports Up to Level 8
  • Save options
  • Load options

How to Install and use Fluxus:

  1. Download the file from below
  2. Extract the file in a folder
  3. Run the Fluxus Injector
  4. Paste/install your scripts
  5. click Inject!
  6. Enjoy 🙂

If for some reasons you cant run the file then follow the steps below!

1. Reinstall the files and try extracting with a different extractor
2. Turn off your antivirus and real time protection
3. Try running the file as Administrator
4. If you still cant run it join our discord server and open a Ticket to have a quick solution!
5. Install this Tool if you see “Unexpected Client Behavior when joining a game”


Download Fluxus Roblox injector here:

[download id=”10753″]