Nitronic – Free Roblox exploit executor

roblox auto report script

We all love to play Roblox. We can’t deny the fact it’s the greatest invention of humanity since the making of the wheel. You can do anything you like in Roblox. A world, full of possibilities, powered by people like you and me. Although, I agree that Roblox folks aren’t kind enough to give us a few Robux to spend.

But we all can agree on what’s a game without giving extreme control to the users. Cheats are often ridiculed in the gaming space. But we can all say that they help expand the horizon of possibilities to a whole new level. Imagine playing the GTA franchise without cheats. Hard to imagine right.


Cheats are not bad, they are just a way of playing. A way of gaining an advantage in this competitive world. The same holds true for Roblox as well. Now the majority of Roblox hacks out there are LUA-based hacks and you need an executor program to run it. We have already covered a list of executor programs but as always we have come up with a new and exciting one yet again.

Nitronic is a top-notch free executor program for executing Roblox scripts. The main benefit it possesses is its lightweight nature and ease of injection. When injecting scripts, some executors do it so aggressively that the game crashes but well you won’t have that problem with nitronic.


Apart from that, it’s a combination of the best of two of the most used executors out there, Nitron and EasyExploits. Thus, you can already see why we are vouching for it.

As always, the WeCheater team has verified it and done hours of testing before releasing it to our viewers. We can assure you that the executor is completely safe and takes care of users’ privacy very seriously.