Destruction Simulator Script – Infinite Money, Max Level 2022

Roblox Destruction Simulator Script INF COINS INF EXP INF BRICKS AND MORE

In this free Roblox Destruction Simulator hack, the player has the access to unlimited money, the player reaches the max level in the game instantly, all weapons and all bombs are also unlocked and free to use!

Roblox’s Destruction Simulator is a game where players get to Destroy things and it gets even better, they get rewards for it, and with those rewards they can then unlock more destruction items to get larger rewards.


WeCheater provides you with free scripts and hacks to the game so that you can enjoy the game Destruction Simulator to its maximum potential without actually spending hours to unlock all items.

Features of Roblox Destruction Simulator Hack

  • Max Level
  • Infinite Money
  • All weapons
  • All bombs
  • Infinite boost
  • And much more!

Max level – This hack helps the player instantly jump to the max level that there is in the game.


All weapons and bombs – This hack unlocks all weapons and bombs that there is to unlock in the game which makes destruction even more fun.

Infinite money – This hack gives the user infinite money to spend on anything they want in the game.


How to use Roblox Destruction Lua Script?

To use the Roblox scripts, you need something called as Executors, which help in running the Lua hacks. We provide our readers free executors as well as paid ones right here on the website.

  1. Download the Lua hack
  2. Open Roblox and run Destruction Simulator
  3. Minimize the game and open the executor to run the script
  4. Copy and paste the script into the executor
  5. Enjoy the Game!