Roblox Cobra Kai Karate Script (Free Download) Hack 2022

Free Roblox Script Cobra Kai Karate GUI

In the free Roblox Cobra Kai Karate hack, the player gets the ability to auto-farm bags, auto pushups and auto sit-ups which help the player buff up and become stronger in the game. The hack also proved a feature of no stun where the player isn’t effected by stun moves.

Cobra Kai Karate is a game where the player gets to be a karate master and has to go head to head against other players in a battle to emerge victorious, and this game can also be played against your friends which means you can battle your friends too!


In WeCheater, we give our readers free scripts for Roblox games including this one, Cobra kai Karate. We also provide our readers other game hacks so that they can be the ultimate gamer.

Features of Roblox Cobra Kai Karate

  • Auto-farm bags
  • Auto-farm Pushups
  • Auto-farm Sit-ups
  • NoStun
  • Hide Accessories
  • Hide Name
  • And much more!

Auto-farm pushups – In this hack, the player does push up on its own to buff up the stats which levels them up and makes them stronger


Auto-farm Sit-ups – In this hack, the player does sit ups on its own without any input from players to again buff up which makes the player stronger and helps them learn newer karate moves in the game.

How to use Roblox Cobra Kai Karate Script?

Roblox uses something called as executors to run their scripts, which help in running the Lua hacks. On WeCheater you get the requires executor you need to run the script, you get free ones as well as paid ones.

  1. Install the Lua script
  2. Run the game Roblox and open Cobra Kai Karate
  3. Minimize the game and open the executor
  4. Copy the script and paste it into the executor
  5. Press execute for the software to run the hack
  6. Enjoy the Game!