Roblox Clicker Heroes Script: Auto Rebirth, Auto Tap & More

roblox clicker heroes

Do you like clicker and idle games a lot? They are so much fun to play right. The sweet sweet starting out with 20 bucks and expanding your empire to trillions even quadrillions of dollars. It just ticks the right boxes. It makes us feel relaxed and helps us pass a few hours. If you are like me, we have got an excellent script for you today “Roblox Clicker Heroes Script”.

The clicker genre is one of the most played genres out there, especially for mobile gamers out there but PC gamers are also not left behind. And as usual, Roblox has caught up as well, with a new game Roblox Clicker Heroes. But the same story with clicker genre repeats here as well where you have to wait a lot to upgrade after you have reached a certain level.


If you are facing the same problem as I do, with this game. We have got you covered with our new script which has numerous features like Auto tap, Auto rebirth, Auto Equip best and so much more. It will make your game life so much easier.

Feature of Roblox Clicker heroes Script

  • Auto Evolve
  • Auto Tap
  • Auto Rebirth
  • Auto Equip Best
  • Auto Upgrade

You can automate each and every part of the game with this script. This is the ultimate script for clicker heroes.


How to use the Roblox Clicker Heroes Script?

As this is an LUA-based hack, you need an executor program for it. We have got you covered with a list of free executor programs both for mobile and PC on our site, you can check it out.

  1. Download the hack and copy the script
  2. Launch an instance of the game
  3. Minimize the game
  4. Launch the executor and paste the code
  5. Start Injecting and Voila!