Basketball Pro Simulator Script (GUI Hack) Download 2022

roblox basketball pro simulator

Do you absolutely adore Lebron James? or perhaps you like simulation games a lot. Don’t worry we have got just the right hack for ya today. The “Basketball Pro Simulator Script”. And as always we have a ton of features for you guys in the store.

Basketball Pro simulator script is a relatively new game but has garnered a lot of attention. It should too, cause it fulfills your childhood dream of becoming a basketball player. You shoot basketballs for coins, upgrade your power to shoot further, unlock skins and yeah have fun in general


There are loads of features like you can upgrade your stats and features, auto farm for money, teleport anywhere, and get all the customizations that you want in this world.

Features of Basketball Pro Simulator Script

  1. Upgrade your stats and features
  2. Autofarm for money and gems
  3. Teleport to each area
  4. Use arcade machine

The game is all about upgrading your power and getting big hoops, to gain more money although you won’t want that since you have got our auto farm money and gems feature but still that’s the aim. So, yeah with our script you can do any upgrades you like anytime.


You can also teleport to each area and use arcade machines to get skins and other customizations.

How to use the Basketball Pro simulator script?

It’s really easy to use the script, WeCheater team always takes care that we make the most simplified instructions, and also we have a strict privacy and safety policy so that our users won’t be at risk from hacks or resources downloaded.

  1. Download the executor of your choice from the list of free executors available or choose one according to your preferred taste
  2. Download the hack
  3. Launch the game
  4. Minimize the game
  5. Copy the hack and paste it in the executor program
  6. Start injecting and voila