FREE Anomic BEST ANOMIC GUI Script – Auto Heal & More!

roblox anomic hack

In this Roblox Anomic Hack, players get various abilities like, auto heal, aim-bot, one shot kill, pick up tool spawn cars anywhere, no spawn cooldown, and much more!

Roblox’s Anomic is a game where a player has to survive the tough desert and make a living by choosing to be a police to keep the crime under control or a trucker to deliver goods or a shopkeeper and sell goods or the criminal way.


At WeCheater, we give the best Roblox hacks and cheats such as this game which requires the player to play for hours together to get good at it or become rich in it to actually enjoy the game, but with our hacks, one can enjoy it within seconds.

Features of Roblox Anomic Cheat

  • Auto heal
  • Aim-bot
  • FOV control
  • Body part aim control
  • One shot kill
  • Spawn vehicle anywhere
  • Vehicle stealer
  • No spawn cooldown
  • And much more!

No spawn cooldown – In this feature, the player does not have to wait for a while to respawn but can do it immediately.


One shot kill – In this feature, the player can kill any player with just one shot.

Vehicle spawn In this feature, the player can spawn a vehicle anywhere in the game.


How to use Roblox Anomic Hack?

Roblox games need a special software to run the script called executors which with the help of the software hack the game. We provide our readers right here on our website, with various free executors as well as paid ones too.

  1. Download the Lua script
  2. Open the game Roblox and run Anomic
  3. Minimize the game and run the executor
  4. Copy and paste the script in the executor
  5. Run the executor
  6. Enjoy the hack!