Anime Punching Simulator Script (AutoFarm, AutoRebirth) 2022

anime punching simulator script

Hello, If you are looking for Anime Punching Simulator script hacks, then you are at correct place. In this Pot we will guide you how can you hack or cheat in Anime Punching Simulator easily for free.

Anime Punching Simulator is a cool roblox game based on a number of well-known anime series. To become the best punchman, you must train both your body and mind. To defeat your opponents, you’ll need several things. To improve your power, explore the map. Whatever you choose to do, the world is yours.


About Anime Punching Simulator Hack Script

The Script for this game is freely available on our site and open to download. However you may need to follow some instructions below which will help you running the script into the game. This will require an Executor/Tool for running the script into the game.

The script comes with some of the very cool features which you can use as an advantage in the game over the other players. Some commonly used features are Auto Farm and Auto Rebirth. All other features are listed below.


All Features of Anime Punching Simulator Hacks

  • Auto Farm
  • Auto Rebirth
  • Auto Click
  • Auto Practice
  • Teleport
  • Customization
  • Misc

How to Use Anime Punching Simulator Cheats?

  • First of all Use any Roblox Exploit tool
  • Now Download the Script from below
  • Go to Roblox, Open the game
  • Run the Exploit tool and Paste the script there
  • Inject the script
  • The Script is now ready to use!

Download script here

[download id=”9793″]

Make sure to check the script Date before using, and it may not work after the game is updated. So Make sure to wait for the next script update, if it is not working. Meanwhile Join our Discord server for additional support. Thanks!