Anime Adventures Script GUI – Auto Farm (Working) 2022

roblox anime adventures

Oh boy! Adventure games can never go wrong or old. We all love playing it. Also, who doesn’t like to spiral into the anime world and get lost in it? I enjoy anime shows a lot. Now, Roblox’s nose is pretty sharp in catching up with trends and they perfectly caught the scent of anime and adventures. There it gave rise to a new experience “Anime Adventures”.

This game’s general lore says that many worlds collided to unite villains but as they say universe keeps its balance, it unites heroes together too and now it is a fight between the bad and the good, the good and the evil. The classic good and evil fight with a hint of twist. Who doesn’t like that?


The main gameplay element is a tower defense game placing heroes and upgrading them to make them stronger and fight hoards of bad guys. 50 gems are used to summon a hero and it can belong to four different rarities with different pull percentages. You earn gems by defeating bad guys. But sometimes your luck is so bad that you keep on getting bad guys of the highest level and heroes who are good for nothing. Don’t worry we got ya covered.

Features of Anime Adventures Script

  • Auto Farm Gems
  • Select World
  • Auto Upgrade
  • Auto Summon
  • Auto Start Battle

Your script can automatically trigger the battle for you. Also, the auto farm gems feature farms an insane amount of gems for you to summon the best of heroes possible. This script also takes care of upgrading them. Basically, this is WeCheater Coffe Drinking verified, you can just drink coffee while letting the script play your game.


How to use the Anime Adventures Script?

  1. Download a good Roblox executor of your choice. See our list of free executors for Roblox (Ignore if you already have one)
  2. Launch the executor and the game
  3. Download the hack and copy it
  4. After making sure you are in a game session of Anime Adventures
  5. Minimize the game and paste the copied hack
  6. Start Injecting and Voila!

Download Anime Adventures Script Hack 2022