Actors Tycoon Script – Auto Upgrade Workers, AutoFarm Buttons

roblox actors tycoon

The world of glamour awaits you. You are soon to be awarded Oscar for a film that you worked so hard for day in and day out. All the efforts paid off. The red carpet your expensive limousine driving you there, people cheering for you. Just about when the anchor is about to call your name, you wake up. The good dream wasn’t it? Now there’s a way to make your dream a reality kind of “Actor’s Tycoon”.

Roblox devs have again proved you can make anything you like in there. So, “Actor’s Tycoon” is what you expect it to be one of the many tycoon games in Roblox but this one allows you to become a famous star, make you wander through movie sets, and act in them.


Yeah, you are managing all of this, for yourself. You are the boss. But starting out can be very daunting, to say the least. Building good money and good films to make up a great film is just a cycle but you will be surprised starting out how soon enough you can run out of money. Don’t worry cause as always the WeCheater team has got you covered.

Features of Actors Tycoon Script

  1. Auto Farm Buttons
  2. Auto Upgrade Workers

With its script upgrading workers that earn you money will be the least of your worries cause the script will automatically select the best upgrade for you and do it. Along with that the auto farm buttons really come in handy if you want to make that sweet sweet cash.


How to use Actors Tycoon Script?

It’s really easy to use the script, WeCheater team always takes care that we make the most simplified instructions, and also we have a strict privacy and safety policy so that our users won’t be at risk from hacks or resources downloaded.

  1. Download the executor of your choice from the list of free executors available or choose one according to your preferred taste
  2. Download the hack
  3. Launch the game
  4. Minimize the game
  5. Copy the hack and paste it into the executor program
  6. Start injecting and voila