Razer synapse – PUBG PC No recoil Macro

razer synapse pubg pc macro

PUBG PC is a relative newcomer in third-person shooter games but has taken the TPS world by storm. With an ever-growing fanbase in the phone market, the PC version has also had its fair share of popularity. But with this fanbase comes a lot of very experienced players who make the game an absolute hell for new players.

Using cheats in such a competitive game like this has a very high probability of getting you banned and wasting the money you spent on purchasing the game itself. Also, you have to start out again from the bottom. But what if there was a way to cheat without cheating. I know that sounds counterintuitive but let me explain.


If you have a Razer Synapse mouse you are in luck, with this macro combination we are gonna tell you about today. You can get almost zero recoils while shooting and as it is a macro you can’t really get banned for using it because you are not modifying the game code in any way. It will be treated as normal keystrokes by a user.

Having Zero Recoil is a very big advantage in this highly competitive game where even 1% more advantage can mean your character’s life and death in certain situations.


How to use the PUBG PC No Recoil Macro?

  1. Download the hack
  2. This is a compressed file. So, you gotta extract the files first
  3. Open the Razer program for customizing macros and controls for your mouse
  4. Go to my Macros
  5. Add the macros file you just got from us
  6. Voila!

The macro file provided here carries no risk and the WeCheater team has personally verified it by downloading it and using it.