Unlock Hidden FSR for Best Visuals Quality in Dying Light 2

Dying light 2 3

When Dying Light 2 was launched, it provided us with stunning aesthetics; but, if you’re seeking anything more and don’t mind getting your hands dirty and greasy, it has a lot more to offer.

You may unlock additional options that improve texture quality and sharpness, as well as enable AMD’s Ultra Quality FSR, which you cannot use with the game’s default UI.


It should be mentioned that while Dying Light 2 does support AMD’s FSR, it only provides balance, performance, and quality; nevertheless, following our small adjustment, you should be able to witness FSR at its highest quality.

To accomplish this, simply edit the video.scr file located in the Documents/dying light 2/out/settings folder. Notepad is the best tool for opening this file. Once within the file, you’ll discover that everything is self-explanatory.


All that remains is to look for the upscaling entry. This will only have the performance (0), balanced (1), and highest quality (2) options; changing this to 3 will enable the extreme quality FSR option. To get the most out of the FSR extreme setting, make the following changes.

  • Scale3D(0.77)
  • FSR(1.000000)
  • Upscaler(3)
  • Upscaling(3)

Save the file as a read-only file to prevent a game from overwriting your unique settings. This is done by right-clicking it, selecting properties, and ticking the box at the bottom of the window.


When you reload the game, you should now have access to the super quality preset. Let me know in the comments how much better it appears after the changes.