Dread Hunger: How to play as Thrall Latest Tricks Guide

gread hunger thrall
gread hunger thrall

In this article, we will discuss the greatest tips and tactics for playing as Thrall in the game Dread Hunger and getting the best feel of this character, which will allow you to effortlessly dominate the game.

Dread Hunger is a multiplayer survival horror roleplaying game that was released early last year. The Thrall, an imposter class, is also included in the game. This game is available to play on Steam.


What are your responsibilities as Thrall?

Thrall’s major purpose is to keep the crew from fleeing, and this is his victory condition. As a result, each play you make should have an end objective in mind, and your primary attention should be on accomplishing that goal. You may attain this aim in a variety of ways, and you should experiment with diverse approaches.

You should be aware of all Thrall acts.

To be an effective Thrall, you must fully utilize all of thrall’s abilities. The following is a list of thrall acts that you should employ to win.

  • Make use of your Bone Knife.
  • Make use of Thrall Vision.
  • Make Bone Totems
  • Sabotage the Boiler Room 
  • Eat Human Flesh 
  • Craft Thrall Items
  • Escape, the Brigadier

These are all the thrall actions you can perform. Knowing when and why to perform various actions is necessary to be a good thrall player. You should check the above list and notice what you lack the most in your gameplay and try to work on that aspect as being effective in all the Thrall actions is the only way to find consistent wins.

Thrall’s Best Classes

Every class in Dread Hunger is partially feasible, and the greatest is very subjective, although some classes unquestionably offer distinct benefits.


The cook, for example, may quickly create confidence by supplying food that has not been tainted, allowing him to evade suspicion for a long time and be safe early.

The Captain is another good option because he has improved his survival numbers throughout the game, which means that conflicts on board generally go in his advantage.


These are only a few of the things you should be aware of if you wish to become the crew’s worst nightmare as the Thrall in Dread Hunger.