Tatakai v.2 script | Money Farm and more!

tatakai v2 cheat

Tatakai v.2 Script is a hack where players get multiple powers to experiment with and enjoy the game. Powers like no cooldown tools, stack strength tools, money farm, auto meditate, auto exercise, auto 20,50,100,200kg dumbbell, and much more!

Roblox’s Tatakai v.2 is a game where players can roam free in the city, visit gyms, dojos and fight other players and level up and the ultimate goal is to become the strongest in the game.


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Features of Tatakai v.2 Cheat

  • No Cooldown Tools
  • Stack Strength Tools
  • Money Farm
  • Auto squat
  • Auto pushup
  • Auto dumbbell (20,50,100&200kgs)
  • Auto pull up
  • Auto burger
  • Auto ramen
  • Invisible gloves
  • And much more!

Money farm – Money farm is a feature where players get a large amount of money in the game to spend on things in the game.


Auto dumbbell – The players do not need to do anything and the player auto work outs with the dumbbells.

Auto pull-up – The players do pull ups on their own without having to press any buttons.


How to use Roblox Tatakai v.2 Hack?

Roblox games need a special software to run the script called executors which with the help of the software hack the game. We provide our readers right here on our website, with various free executors as well as paid ones too.

  1. Download the Lua script
  2. Run the game Roblox and open Tatakai v.2
  3. Minimize the game and run the executor
  4. Copy and paste the script in the executor
  5. Enjoy the hack!