FREE Ninja Legends Script Roblox Script 2022

roblox ninja legends

Do you know someone who wears a black suit and has a katana on his back and silently creeps up to his target and kills it with his katana without leaving any trace whatsoever and leaving only for guards to realize later on that their master is dead? Yes, I am talking about Ninjas. Now for most people, our lives aren’t exactly dangerous and adventurous as Ninjas.

But the Roblox god has finally decided to adhere to our fantasy. ScriptBloxian Studios made a new exciting experience for all of us the Ninja Legends game. It has all the things to fulfill your fantasy shurikens and tons of katanas. My hands are literally itching to play the game even though I just completed a session an hour ago.


Now the main motif of the game is training your Ninja to extreme power to defeat island bosses aka masters. But yeah, this is easier said than done for new players. You don’t have access to extreme weapons and the bosses are very powerful. Don’t worry as always we got ya covered.

Features of Ninja Legends Script

  1. Auto Swing
  2. Auto Sell Swords
  3. Auto Buy Swords, Belts, Shurikens, Skills
  4. Auto Evolve Pets
  5. Unlock all islands
  6. Teleport to islands

This script is a worthy receiver of tons of hacks that even devs would be surprised by. There are obvious features like Auto Swing which will help you defeat bosses in minutes. Then there are features to make the game economy very easy for the player all the auto buy and sell features. Then you can have access to all the islands and teleport to them t an instant from the starting phase and take on islands with huge rewards.


How to use the Ninja Legends Script?

Like most Roblox hacks out there this is also a Lua-type hack. Thus you need an executor program to actually take advantage of it. Don’t worry we have a list of free executors on our site for you to choose from. Or you can shell out a few bucks and get a premium executor program like Synapse-X.

  1. Download the hack
  2. Launch the game and get into a Ninja Legends Session
  3. Minimize the game
  4. Copy the hack
  5. Launch the executor and paste the hack
  6. Start Injecting and Voila!