Dead Frontier 2 Free Hack

dead frontier 2 hack

Who doesn’t like to be a hero or a savior? I sure do. The best way to show that you are a savior is by fending off zombies because they are a bit easy to kill, slow, and generally dumb unless we’re talking about Resident Evil (God Save you!). Just be careful and don’t let them bite you. If you like playing online zombie survival games. We’ve got you covered today with “Dead Frontier 2 Hack”.

Dead Frontier 2 is an apocalyptic zombie online survival horror game, where you must hunt for resources. You can also trade with other players to get resources that you don’t have on you. Now zombies in this game are a bit like Resident evil, sure they are dumb but can kill you in a swift. Don’t worry we have the perfect cheat to make zombies your friendly pets.


This Dead Frontier hack will help you just gain more murders of zombies(Don’t worry, you won’t go to jail for it), and also farm a lot of XP. I mean a hell lot.

Features of Dead Frontier 2 Free Hack

  1. Friendly Zombies
  2. Double Crit Damage
  3. Money and XP hack(soon to be added)

Although this cheat is under development and a few features are missing. But is soon to be released by the developer. With Friendly Zombies and Double critical damage alone you will get all the money and XP that you need very easily. So yeah, these features can be indirectly farmed.


How to use the Dead Frontier 2 Free Hack?

It is a .dll file-based hack. Don’t worry it’s very easy to use. Also, the WeCheater team has checked the file for any safety and data privacy violations and found none. Our reader’s safety is our topmost priority.

  1. Download the Hack below
  2. Go to Steam/steamapps/common/Dead Frontier 2/ Dead Frontier 2_DataManaged
  3. Copy the hack and paste it
  4. Launch the game from steam
  5. Voila!

Download Dead Frontier 2 Hack Free 2022