COD Cold War Zombies Hack Free : Money, Ammo, God Mode

cod zombies trainer free

Want to annihilate all the zombies in cold war easily? Want to be a master at killing zombies and impress everyone with your shots? Then you are at the correct post, Here we have a hack which will help you become a zombie slayer. This Basic COD Cold war zombies Tool base is working fine with the latest build, comes with many customization as well as easy to navigate and use.

About Cold War Zombies Trainer:

This Trainer is Open Source, and comes with some best features which helps you become a pro at Cold War Zombie pro. Basic Cold War Zombies tool is used with so many multi-features available developed by SammySam.


With so many multi-features available – God Mode, Infinite Money, Infinite Ammo, Level XP, Weapon XP, and many more great features come included with this trainer.

Cold War Aimbot Hacks:

This hack can help players who have poor aim or are new to the game improve their aim to perfection. AimBot automatically and instantly locks the crosshair or scope on the target. Use this cheat to become a headshot master without being banned from our website.


Cold War Wallhacks:

Wallhack/ESP allows players to view and shoot through anything in the game, including walls, crates, and other objects. Wallhack is one of the most popular undetected hacks for this game. By shooting their opponents on the opposite side of the wall, players might catch them off guard.

Cold war SpeedHack:

As the name implies, a speed hack gives users a speed boost or a large increase in speed, giving them the benefit of going faster than other players.


Cold War Auto headshot:

Auto headshot allows the user to shoot directly at the opponent’s head without having to aim for it. Auto headshot is a powerful aim assist that allows players to fire a single round at their opponent’s head.

All Features of Cold War Zombie Trainer:

Player Features:

  • GodMode
  • Infinite Money
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Weapons
  • Give Points
  • TP Zombies To Crosshair (Host Only)
  • kick (available soon)

Lobby Features:

  • Level XP 10,000x (USE AT RISK)
  • Weapon XP 5,000x(USE AT RISK)
  • Instant End and Insta Start Match
  • Lock or Unlock Box Location
  • Instant Kill

Note: Use Level XP and Player XP at your Own Risk.


How to Install Cold War Zombies Free Hack:

  1. Close your Antivirus Software and turn off Real Time Protection
  2. Download the files.
  3. Extract the files into a folder.
  4. Rename the Trainer to something else not related to “hacks” and “cheats”, Example: Word.exe
  5. Start Cold war Zombies.
  6. Run the Trainer administrator.
  7. Enjoy!

Download COD Zombies Hack (2022)

[download id=”10090″]

Pass: wecheater