1v1.Lol Cheats (AimBot, WallHacks, GodMode) Working 2022

1v1.lol free cheats
1v1 lol free hacks

Do you want to win all of the 1v1s in 1v1? Do you want to have Skins for free in 1v1.lol? Do you want to win every battle royale? Do you want an aimbot in 1v1s.lol ? Then you’ve come to the right place since we’ve got a 1v1.lol hack that offers one of the nicest features a battle royale game could have. This hack has been made by Zelt who has tested the hacks and have been made to perfection.

Many of you have probably played a battle royale game such as Fornite, Pubg, or Apex Legends. 1v1. lol is an online action game in which you may shoot and construct platforms. The game’s concept is similar to that of Fortnite. You can play battle royale, where the last guy remaining wins, or a rapid 1v1 action, thanks to the game’s many modifications.

About 1v1.lol hack:

1v1 lol aimbot’s performance varies depending on the mode you’re playing, and various modes provide varied outcomes. The hacks support all modes and have been tested and virus-checked by our moderators. The files are undetected, safe, and simple to use!


Features of 1v1.lol hack:

  1. Aimbot
  2. Aim keys
  3. Easy to use
  4. Easy to load


Aim key is Right click (R BUTTON)
The Program can be ended by using ” ` ” key


How to install the 1v1.lol hack:

  1. Download the file by clicking on the link from down below
  2. Extract the files
  3. Run the Runloader.exe
  4. Select the 1v1.lol
  5. Click on the hack menu
  6. Click Load and the program should open
  7. Launch your game (1v1.lol)
  8. Select/Check the “Colourbot” checkbox
  9. Press the aimkey
  10. Enjoy your new experience and your new skills!


If your Loader is not launching due to some reasons make sure you have these things done correctly
1. Turn your real time protection and your antivirus off.
2. Run your RunLoader.exe as an administrator.


Download 1v1.lol Free Online Hack here

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