Minecraft Tenacity Client 5.0 – Minecraft Free Cheat 2022

Minecraft client cheat

So, you’re a tinkerer. A mind full of imagination, a builder, or just a regular person who wants to explore a blocky world that looks absolutely like it came all the way back in the 2000s. So, you’re a Minecraft fan. Sorry, guys just a joke. We all love Minecraft and have fun playing it either with friends or if you are lonely like me just adding loads of mods that your PC cries and playing single player.

But we all can agree on the fact that Minecraft is a lot of work to do. I admit it is fun but it is repetitive isn’t it? And sometimes you have to look for materials for so long that your Minecraft character becomes old. Don’t worry today we’ve got you covered with Minecraft Tenacity 5.0.


You can do anything and every automation with the new Minecraft Tenacity client v5.0. Also, the convenient GUI is just a cherry on top of the already featured packed cheat. Although, this thing is a premium and paid client. But today we have got a free cracked version of it. Read more to find out.

Features of Minecraft Tenacity Client 5.0

  1. Auto Chest
  2. Auto Eat
  3. Auto Armour
  4. Combat
  5. Auto Weapon
  6. Auto Mine
  7. KillAura
  8. Reach
  9. Regen
  10. Trigger Bot 
  11. Auto Fish & more

Any Minecraft geek knows what they are getting with this cheat. They are getting a gold mine that too for free without worrying about their data safety and privacy.


How to use the Minecraft tenacity client cheat?

  1. Download the hack
  2. The hack is zipped up to reduce the download size. So extract it somewhere convenient using 7ZIP or a similar service.
  3. Run the .jar file in there
  4. You have to specify the version of Minecraft you want to play and then locate your .minecraft folder
  5. Voila! Now you have the cheats enabled.