Minecraft Exelon Autoclicker 1.8.9 | Recorder & Memory Scanner

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Minecraft is a world of endless possibilities where you can create whatever your heart desires. Also the multiplayer is a cherry on the top, playing on Minecraft multiplayer servers just feels very good with unimaginable worlds created by the server owners. But sometimes this game demands the sacrifice of my mouse.

Now, as I am broke and don’t want to spend my only bucks on a mouse. I opt for an auto clicker instead. So, I am on a constant lookout for my mouse auto clicker replacement and I can gladly say I found a worthy replacement the “Minecraft Exelon Clicker 1.8.9”.


This clicker is insane with a modern and sleek UI. It can auto-click on insane speeds in version 1.8.9 of Minecraft. The reorder and memory scanner is unlike any other clicker out there. Also, you don’t really have to worry that you will get banned on the server using this that feels very good to hear.

How to use the Minecraft Exelon Autoclicker 1.8.9?

This is one of those rare hacks/cheats where I say this is an exe-based cheat. Thus you don’t happen to have an executor on hand with you. Instead, you can just download the hack and launch it and let it do its magic.

  1. Download the hack
  2. Unzip it with the unzipper program of your choice. I use 7Zip a lot
  3. Launch the game
  4. Launch the hack and Voila!