FuriosClient MineCraft Hack [NeverHook Rename]

furios client minecraft hack

In this Minecraft Cheat, the player gets god-like abilities, where the powers range from air-jump to auto-sprint, liquid walk, wall climb, block ESP, auto-fish and much more features!

Minecraft is a pixel based open world survival based game where players have to do anything in order to survive from the various creatures lurking around in order to slay the ender dragon to win the game.


WeCheater provides its users with a plethora of hacks and cheats in order to become the master of the game they’re playing without having to play it for days together to get good at it.

Features of FuriosClient Minecraft Hack

  • Air-jump
  • Auto-sprint
  • Auto-fish
  • Block ESP
  • Liquid Walk
  • Wall Climb
  • Crosshair
  • Chest ESP
  • Death coordinates
  • Fast bow
  • And much more!

Block ESP – In the feature, the players get the ability to see the location of a particular block like Diamond block on their screen.


Liquid walk – This feature gives the user the power to walk on any liquids in the game without drowning.

Fast-bow – Fast bow feature allows the player to shoot bows faster than usual to kill the intended enemy.


Chest ESP – Same as the block ESP, but in this feature, the player gets to see the various locations of chests on the map.

How to use FuriosClient Minecraft Cheat?

  1. Download the hack from below
  2. Extract the hack onto your desktop or the preferred location
  3. Make sure you have Minecraft installed before and open
  4. Run the hack file
  5. Enjoy the hack!