BoberWare – Minecraft Free HvH Hacked Client

Minecraft client cheat

In this Minecraft hack, the players get many abilities, such as, Anti-fire, auto armor, auto fish, auto eat, the ability to run faster automatically, chooses the best tool to break blocks automatically, and much more!

Minecraft is a pixel based game where players get to survive in an open world, with creatures out to hunt them at night and has a main quest to defeat the Main Dragon at the end, which players will have to prepare for while surviving!


We here at WeCheater, provide many types of hacks across various games, just like in Minecraft which helps make games more fun for the player as they simply become the best in a manner of minutes without putting in efforts.

Features of BoberWare – Free Minecraft HvH Cheat

  • Anti-AFK
  • Anti-knockback
  • Anti-fire
  • Auto armor
  • Auto fish
  • Auto mine
  • Auto eat
  • Auto sprint
  • Automatic bow
  • Blink
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Bunny-jump
  • Chest tracer
  • Flight
  • Item ESP
  • And much more!

Anti-AFK – This feature makes the player walk randomly automatically so that they don’t get kicked out of the server for being inactive.


Anti-fire – This feature allows the player to not get damaged by fire, as long as the hunger bar is full.

Auto armor – This feature equips the best possible armor for the player automatically.


Auto eat – This feature makes the player eat automatically when the player begins to feel hungry.

Automatic bow – As long as the player is clicking on the right mouse button, the player shoots arrows automatically.


Blink – Allows the player to teleport 10 blocks at a time.

How to use the Free Minecraft HvH Client Cheat?

  1. Download the hack from below
  2. Extract the file onto your desktop or any desired location
  3. Run the game Minecraft first and minimize it
  4. Open and run the cheat
  5. Enjoy the hack!

Download Minecraft HVH Client Free 2022