How to Open.DLL cheat Files?

Some of the hacks you download, will be available in Dll format, It means the cheat needs to be injected inside the game, by using any Injector.

The Best and easiest way to open file extension DDL is to Download and use any Dll Injectors. You can Download any Injector from here : Injector 

  1. Download your Dll Cheat First
  2. Use any Injector from our site
  3. Place the Dll file there
  4. Choose the game in Process tab
  5. Click Inject!


Can you get Ban using the Injector?

You may not get ban mostly by using the Injector, Most of the Top Injector are Undetected, and keep Updated by the Developer. However the dll file, you are using may cause the ban. So, Make sure to always check the Status of your dll cheat before downloading.