Valorant Agent’s Guide 2022: All Agents & Their Abilities

Valorant is now the most popular tactical shooter on the market, competing with the likes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six Siege. It’s a well-made and entertaining game with frequent new releases and a fiercely competitive setting.

Valorant is distinct in that it combines the popular ability-based Hero-fighting genre with the realistic gunplay found in games such as Call of Duty and Counter-Strike.


Even while this is to the game’s benefit, it does imply that if you’re new to the game and come from one of these genres, you’ll need to learn how to play the other half of the mix.

All Agents in Valorant

Before you begin your first game, you may choose from a group of Agents, each with their unique job and set of special talents that will help you win.


The game does a fairly decent job of detailing each Agent‚Äôs ability immediately on the selection screen, and also by hitting F1 in-game. But if you’re still undecided about which agent to play, here’s a brief rundown of some of Valorant’s most notable characters.


In Valorant, there are four types of Agents: dualists, who specialise in entering fragging, engage in aggressive duels, and are self-sufficient in general. Due to their lack of assistance for their team, it is not suggested to play a duelist if you are having trouble fragging in the game or if your team already has enough duelists.



Tailwind (Signature): Dash in any direction to return to safety or push into enemy territory rapidly.
Bladestorm (Ultimate): Get a few Kunai knives and fling them at your opponents for critical damage: Three blows to the body and one to the head.
Cloudburst (Utility): Launch a missile of vision-obstructing smoke, with the trajectory adjusted by holding down the keybind.
Updraft (Utility): You can soar upwards to reach platforms that are otherwise inaccessible.


Hot hands: Tosses a molly on the ground, inflicting damage on foes while also healing himself.
Run it Back (ultimate): Gives you a brief second life; if you are killed, you will be transported back to the location where the trigger was activated.
Curveball: A flashbang with main fire and alt-fire that may be used to flash corners.



Dismiss: Consumes a nearby soul orb to render it invulnerable for a brief time. Invisibility is granted when utilised in Empress mode.
Empress (ultimate): Increases the firing rate, equipping speed, reloading speed, and dismiss-devour charges to infinity.
Leer (optional): Equip and toss a nearsighted orb that lasts for a brief period of time and can be destroyed by bullets.
Consume (optional):
She can devour a soul orb and heal herself as a result. It’s also possible to overheal, although it’s time-sensitive.


Paint Shells: Equip and toss a cluster grenade that explodes on impact and breaks into smaller shells that cause additional damage to adversaries in a wider area.
Showstopper (ultimate): Equip a rocket launcher with a localised area of effect that causes critical damage.
Boom Bot (optional): Use an opponent-hunting robot that explodes and causes damage when it gets too near to an adversary until it is destroyed.
Blast Pack (optional): Toss tiny C4 charges that do not harm you or your allies and may instead be utilised to travel quicker.



The Initiators, on the other hand, are primarily concerned with interrupting opponent vision and clearing space for their team to play in. They have skills such as flashes, recon, stun, and suppress and are an important element of every squad. For the finest tactical manoeuvres, you need have at least one initiator on your squad.

Sova, Skye, Breach, and Kay-O are among the initiates.



Sentinels are Agents that shine on defence or after your team has taken possession of a location. They prohibit access to plant locations and can set up alerts to avoid flanking, making them an important part of each squad. If you choose to be a more passive player, simply remaining alive will allow you to build up sites and assist your squad.

Cypher, Sage, Killjoy, and Chamber are among the sentinels



Controllers are essentially agents with the power to smoke, who must smoke off entrance locations on defence and obstruct defensive sightlines on attack. Needless to say, they make it much easier to enter locations because any snipers or campers will be barred, ensuring safe passage.

Omen, Astra, Brimstone, and Viper are some of the controllers.